2016 Winners
Dr Rusaslina Binti Idrus

Avenue to clothe the homeless with dignity through pop-up street store

Tan Chin Leong

Tow truck driver who saved lives on the Penang bridge

Saari Mohd Nor & Low Kock Seong

Fishermen who rescued survivors from a plane crash

Mohd Yusuf Bin Rohani

Selflessly caring for a double amputee friend

Rishiwant Singh Randhawa

An active humanitarian who provides food through soup kitchen, providing shelter and raise fund for the needy

Khairuddin Bin Abd Aziz

Rockstar who combines music with art, fashion and creative writing to combat drug abuse

Jerryson Abraham Gnanaraj Doss & Edna Sung Burongoh

Empowers homeless by providing employment in the bottling and distribution of affordable mineral water

Shalini Yeap May Hwa & Alfred Samuel A/L Mariyaras

Eases the wellbeing challenges of marginalized communities/homeless through the provision of medical aid without any discrimination

Kong Lan Lee

Empowering special needs children through intervention programmes for a dignified and independent living

Marie Christine Robert

Changed her teacher's life by donating part of her liver to the teacher