Star Golden Hearts Award
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About the awards
What is Star Golden Hearts Award (SGHA)?
When does the award nomination begin?
Nominating unsung heroes
Who is eligible to be nominated for Star
Golden Hearts Award?
Are international organisations eligible for
the Award?
Can I submit more than one nomination?
Can I edit my nomination after it is submitted?
Can anyone submit nominations?
Can I nominate myself or my organisation
for the Award?
How will the submitted details be used?
Is there a fee associated with this program?
How do I submit a nomination?
What if I don't know my nominee's address,
email and telephone number?
What happens after my nomination is
How will I know if my nominee is selected as
a winner?
Judging and winners announcement
What kind of nominees usually win the Star
Golden Hearts Award?
How are Star Golden Hearts Award winners
When will Star Golden Hearts Award winners
be announced?
What will award winners be receiving?
What do I do if I require further assistance
regarding Star Golden Hearts Award?