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Borneon Sun Bear Conservation Centre
(Gamuda Inspiration Award 2023 winner)

Provides care and rehabilitation to rescued sun bears while increasing awareness about the endangered species.

The MareCet Research Organisation
(Gamuda Inspiration Award 2023 winner)

Advocates conservation efforts and research on marine mammals through extensive education and volunteering programmes.

Lang Tengah Turtle Watch

Safeguards sea turtles from extinction through vigilant protection and community involvement.

Starfish Malaysia Foundation

Uplifts the marginalised communities in Sabah and Sarawak from poverty through education and agriculture programmes.


Champions the rights and empowerment of indigenous communities through diverse programmes.

The Asli Co.

Empowers indigenous mothers with the ability to generate income from their home-based modern handicraft production, in supporting their children’s education.

Kelab Alami

Empowers a community to participate in and benefit from development through citizen science, alternative incomes and the protection of their natural environments.

Buku Jalanan Chow Kit

Creates a safe learning environment opportunity for at-risk children in the Jalan Chow Kit area, by improving their life skills through education.

Japson Wong

Marine biologist turned artist who upcycles waste materials into imaginative art and sculptures while championing environmental awareness.

Graze Market

Combats food waste through food surplus initiatives while making affordable food accessible to all.