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Have an unsung hero in mind? Nominate them by completing the online form and uploading supporting materials if any. Remember, a detailed, thoughtful entry is essential to help your nominees stand out from the many nominations received. After all, their good work deserves to be known!
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Deadline: 31 July 2024
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Featured: Iskul Sama diLaut Omadal (2022 winner)
10 June 2024
Nominations Open
31 July 2024
Nominations Deadline
November 2024
Winners Announcement

Each year, Star Golden Hearts Award honours ten winners selected from hundreds of nominations nationwide. This year (2024), the accolades will be presented to ten winners who have made a meaningful impact on society. They will be awarded RM15,000 each.

Selection criteria
Malaysian individuals and organisations who fulfill the following selection criteria are eligible for the award:

Unsung heroes who on a personal capacity, or as an organisation (NGOs/ social enterprises/ societies), consistently carry out social efforts that leave a positive impact on Malaysians and help build bridges between different communities.

Efforts carried out should be innovative, with proven tangible impacts, and practise sustainability in its operations.

Unsung heroes who demonstrate admirable values and strong leadership in encouraging social change in communities.

Unsung heroes must be involved in the initiatives, including time, effort and ideas, and not just monetary contribution.

Unsung heroes with a social impact track record of at least 18 months prior to their nomination.

Featured: Yunizam Yusop (2019 winner)
Nominees can be nominated for various causes such as:
Featured: Native Discovery (2022 winner)
Community Empowerment

Efforts that help promote sustainable livelihood and improve quality of living through job opportunities, access to market and information, upskilling and training, provision of basic infrastructure etc.

Featured: MYReaders (2021 winner)

Efforts that ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

Featured: Fuze Ecoteer (2020 winner)
Environment and Wildlife

Efforts that promote protection, preservation, appreciation, and sustainable development for the environment including wildlife, forests, oceans and ultimately the planet.

Featured: Great Heart Charity Association (2020 winner)
Social Welfare

Efforts that provide wide-ranging support to address the basic needs of vulnerable communities including food aid, shelter, social services and more.

Featured: IMARET (2020 winner)

Other social causes that bring about positive impact to Malaysians or for the betterment of society.

Unsung heroes must be involved in the initiatives, including time, effort and ideas, and not just monetary contribution.